2-6 Fowler Road  Ilford, Essex  IG6 3UT

About us

Naura Bakery offers a diverse range of products of both innovative and own as well as already tested and approved recipes. We bake our bread with solely natural ingredients and with no added preservatives or other chemical compounds.

The process of baking of our naturally leavened bead is based thoroughly on sourdough and top quality flour which guarantee the best quality of our bread.

All our bakery products are handmade what gives them the unique taste that brings back the childhood memories, and gives them the unrepeatable shape that pleases the eye.

We offer a rich variety of bread and buns; from rye to wheat to spelt, with assortment of grains and dried fruits, to gluten free ones too!

What we offer is not a mass production but unique handcrafted products which result from the hard work of our bakers who in addition to their commitment and effort also but their hearts into baking.

We are open to suggestions and comments.

Please do not hesitate to contact us